My ACME setup

This is a short description of my ACME setup, mostly so that I don't forget the details.

And ACME from plan9port.

I use gopls as the language server for Go development, as well as a little language server for the beancount language to make my accounting easier.

I also have two small wrappers around git commit and git push (called Gcommit and Gpush respectively) that make calling them with just the middle mouse button easier.

My startup script for ACME looks like this:

# Starts all the stuff required for ACME to work nicely

if [[ -z $(pgrep plumber) ]]; then
	9 plumber

if [[ -z $(pgrep fontsrv) ]]; then
	9 fontsrv &

acme -a -f /mnt/font/DroidSansMonoForPowerline/11a/font -F /mnt/font/DroidSans/11a/font "$@" &

sleep 1
acmefocused &
acme-lsp &
acme-complete-bind &

$Author: gbe $ $Date: 2020/01/05 19:56:11 $ $Revision: 1.10 $