How I (usually) do enums in Go

I sometimes need strict(-ish) enums in Go. This is how I usually build that.

Entropy coding for Spam/Ham detection

I built a spam/ham detector that uses Huffman codes for making decisions.

Coins at the races

This is an outline for an idea I had on how to operate a betting system on horse races that uses the Bitcoin blockchain (or any other block chain that allows easy creation of new wallet addresses) as the underlying accounting mechanism. I’ll refer to horse racing because that is what I know, but other games with similar sets of outcomes (such as Association/American Football, car racing, …) can also be modelled with it.

Bayesian Filter

Over the last 6 months on and off, I’ve built myself a bayesian spam filter. In this article I’ll give an overview of the thing, the theory behind it and the experiences I’ve had and the things I’ve learned while building it. Intro Bayesian spam filters classify email messages into basically two categories: “Spam”, i.e. unwanted messages such as advertisement “Ham”, i.e. wanted messages such as corrospondence from friends There are gray areas between these two when a filter does not know how to classify a message.

HiDPI in X11

All the magic incantations needed to get usable HiDPI on X11

My Acme setup

A short description of my Acme setup